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tv   [untitled]    May 14, 2013 4:00pm-4:31pm PDT

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>> and so it makes me question how good of a deal the city's getting ting when you're also getting such positive pushing from the contractor as well. >> that's why i was glad that we received three bids and we tried to structure the lease to maximize the number of bids. in 2001 we only received a bid from clear channel and the fact that clear channel did 1.5 million more than jc so they did receive 30 percent, we
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receive 70 percent. i would n't call that profit because they've got cost and i have no idea what their actual profit is but bottom-line, we had a very aggressive bid. obviously clear channel is taking a big risk especially if we have a recession they are at great risk, and we will be very well protected. >> the potential upside for them is what set of circumstances. >> the upside would be if the economic growth continues and they realize more sales per passenger than what they're getting today. that's a [inaudible]. i don't see a possibility of traffic growing.
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i think their best scenario is steady growth, the eight years, very strong economy eight years straight. i've been at the airport 32 years, i have not scene this scenario before. we're very much at a peak right now, not much higher than we can go in our performance. >> any additional discussion. >> let's take the roll call on this item. >> chew i, cohen i, farrell i, kim i, mar i, tang i, wiener i, yee i, avalos no, breed i, campos no. there are nine i's
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and two no's. >> resolution is adopted. ladies and gentlemen, why don't we go to our 330 special order. madam clerk. >> we will now honor local small businesses that have been selected by the board op supervisors. >> fabric of our community.
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today's ceremony will serve for the 85 thousand small and start up businesses in san francisco and i look forward to joining my colleagues in recognizing each one of these businesses. i want to give an opportunity to the small business commission to give a few opening remarks an reck /tphaoeutz reck recognize its vice president. >> i would like to thank all the members of the board of supervisors for recognizing these outsiding small businesses today. each supervisor has worked carefully with the you have truly got above and beyond less than 100
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employees constitute each of these -- since the office opened in may of 2008 it has seen a steady increase of clients served we are up 26 percent compared to the same time last year. the office of small business is the go to place for direct services to clients for one-on-one
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[inaudible] and permitting requirements. and technical of other services. many of our offices refer small business decisions to the office of small business, especially [inaudible] cantonese, /phapbld /reupb and business owners. in addition to providing direct assistance to small business, the small business commission has heard and advised you on over 33 pieces of legislation in the past year. of these, over 90 percent were recommended for approval. when modifications were recommended, many of you took our feedback and incorporated them. we work hard to [inaudible] needs of the city. we want to sincerely thank the board of super /sraoeutz so ares for all your
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collaboration for making san francisco a better place for business to thrive. i would like to thank the departments that we have worked with for our matters, including public utilities commission and others. thank you. >> every time we do a ceremony like to make a presentation,
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sometimes alphabetically. what'd like to do today is use our seating arrangement as a way to go through the presentation, starting with supervisor tang. >> i'd like to call up our district four honoree bruno up to the podium. he is the owner of [inaudible] he opened it in 2011 and what i love about this is that he is a former chemist and self taught baker. bruno's goal is to provide a comfortable environment, fresh
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made pastries. so any way, among his other signature pastries, they include -- bacon morning bun, sweet potato tart and a new york cheesecake. other comfort food include homemade soup, homemade marshmallow smores. he continues to contribute to the community. one wall is dedicated to showcasing the art work of neighborhood children. he has donated pastries to families watching movies out at parkside and he's also donated
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pastries to local schools for fund raising events. he has a goal of beautifying the local community in [inaudible]. and lastly, his gratification comes from customers enjoying his culinary creations. he knows that he's making a little difference in peoples' lives. thank you for rolling occupant bakery. >> thank you supervisor tang. it is such as honor to be named [inaudible] for our district. i would like to thank supervisor tang for the support of our store. and just a word about rolling out bakery.
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we've been in the district for about a year-and-a-half now. it's a very rough journey. at the particular location i'm in there have been several failed businesses in the last few years. one of the reason is due to the lack of traffic. what separates rolling occupant so far from previous businesses is number one, our special pastry. specifically we'll put in one cup of love and one cup of creativity in everything we bake from sweet potato cinnamon rolls to chili egg tarts. and number two, we strive to be a part of our local community with a friendly welcoming atmosphere. and we try to know our customers by name, welcome them with a smile and a friendly atmosphere. and so far we've been well supported
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by the local community for which i'm very grateful and indebted to. we use a wall in our store to showcase the art of local artists, specifically /kheurpbl from age 5 to 12. these artists are all from the young artist school across the street from us. moving forward we have proposed to [inaudible] bringing to local community together and increasing foot traffic to benefit local merchants. we are determined to stick around and as the
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saying goes, if i make it here, i make it anywhere. and this time [inaudible]. thank you very much. >> thank you. why don't we now go around the chamber to district seven, supervisor yee. >> i'd like to bring up joanna lay. when i started considering which one small business to recognize from district seven, i realized how lucky i am to be representing -- there are so many businesses
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that represent our neighborhood. it's unfortunate that i can only recognize one small business, since this is home to one major merchant corridor. at lake side, lakeside plaza, stones town, even part of [inaudible] thinking about the theme of small /pweutz week, small business shaping our communities, there is one personal that kept coming in mind. that person is joanna lay, owner of joe joe's cafe, located on ocean avenue, who has actively been shaping ocean avenue communality for over a deck decade now. she opened
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it in 2002 and i think she has single handedly served the entire community at city college with their budget in mind. it is not only city college students she is feeding. it's the kids at local elementary schools and high schools where she is known for donating hundreds of dollars worth of food each year. she hasn't given up. she and her family focused energy on [inaudible] they
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reopened in july of 2011 after a long struggle of trying to fix up the restaurant. and to the joy of many, /eupbl , including many of me and my neighbors, this past year joanna has continued criminal intenting to the neighborhood by kicking off the ocean avenue business watch. she has worked with the ocean avenue association to organize merchants, neighbors and city departments and san francisco police departments to meet and share information and issues related to neighborhood safety, crime prevention and reduction to increase overall small business protection. joanna was sitting there and a voiced
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her concerns about more recent incidents around the ocean avenue corridor. together we are finding responses and solution in a way that affect merchant neighborhoods. every neighborhood should have a small business like joe joe's cafe and a small business owner like her to shape the communality. so help me in welcoming here to the podium and . >> thank you. i want to thank you. good afternoon honors commissioner, supervisors ladies and gentlemen. thanks for /eupbl including me at
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this special event. i feel honor and privilege to be here today. my name is joanna lee. i'm just four short blocks of city college of san francisco. joe joe cafe serve hong kong and american food since 2002. we are a business of 12 employees. we run into challenges, including multiple break ins. a fire burned down our business. we were distraught and felt defeated, but we were determined to move forward. we quickly remodelled and reopened in 2011. my brother and i each work 13 hour
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per day, 6 day a week to make sure that our business is successful. we have many employees and their families who /tkpepbldz on us. in addition to the long hours we work, we have small /kheurpbl to care for and elder write parents to tend to. after paying the sales taxes and the quarterly taxes, which were followed by the edd taxes, the liabilities for small businesses like us were non stop. it would be helpful if we can attract more customer and foot traffic, but ocean avenue is a tough neighborhood. many of our customer express concern for the safety and for good reason. a few our
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emoyees and assaulted, burglaries and theft, intimidation and harassment. there were illegal problem around the corn er from us. we were really worried and felt helpless. after remodelling, things began to change for us. [inaudible] and she pay us a number [inaudible] which i thought was very helpful. [inaudible] give us hope and confidence that things will change and that the police department is accessible to us. supervisor yee came to our place of business to pay us a
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personal visit and was very sincere inwato help. i was overwhelmed good fortune to have the [inaudible] of the police department and supervisor himself. thank you supervisor yee and captain lam -- he's not here, but i want to thank him 'cause he do a lot. so your help is very much appreciated. i hope that the police department will re/phaeupbl approachable and accessible to our community. i believe that a sustainable solution would be a police substation [inaudible] on ocean avenue and capitol which would encase the neighborhood. i am con /tpeu confident that your
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continued support will leave a long lasting effect on the neighborhood. i'm hoping that we'll continue [inaudible] beneficial for the [inaudible] and our business. our goal has always been, and will always be to provide our customer with affordable [inaudible] meal and good customer service. please stop by to try our special cooking in a warm family atmosphere. we welcome any and all and treat you like our own family. please come by. thank you.
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>> congratulations to the honoree from district seven. now to sis district /tepbl. >> i'm excited to introduce to you the spicy new hotness of dog patch. they represent a
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fantastic restaurant, gilbirth. mark my words, this rest /raupblts restaurant is going to be going some place. there's another business in the dog patch district, called the new spot. fusion menu with inspirations from his grandmother. so we have grandmother to thank for that. community involvement was actually very critical in /phreubging sure this business is sustainable and getting the doors open. day partnered with
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the industrial center, which is a huge property in the dog patch area, which has been criminal intenting in the revitalization of this historic district. i personally am a frequent patron of gilbirth. i've celebrated my birthday there, business meetings there, dates there. i have to tell you, what's important also is this restaurant has received /tpe phenomenal reviews from
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all over the place. i'm honored to recognize them in small business month. i want to acknowledge all of our small businesses out there. thank you for your service. also to the staff, thank you. you guys are out standing in providing services to our businesses. please welcome julia and gilbert. just a couple minutes. >> we can't thank you enough for putting us back on the map. just when we thought that we had conquered everything that we wanted to do, i decided to name gilbert's after my husband because i look up to him. i love him with all my heart and
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i once said to myself, i will name something that will represent not only yourself, but ourselves, but come upbl combine it in one. it's been a tough journey, we've been in business since 2005. we have three businesses in the dog patch neighborhood and now we will consolidate in two and we'd like to thank you for your support. >> i think what's important to reck /tphaoeutz is the story of how you became a restaurant entrepreneurs. maybe you can tell that story. >> well, one of the reasons we are in business in the dog patch is because we love that
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neighborhood so much. it means a lot to us. we've been working there for 15 years and we wanted to stay in that neighborhood. that's where i met my wife and we got married so we wanted to stay in that neighborhood, we wanted to do something for ourselves. my previous boss always encouraged me to keep going and get our dreams. so that's what we've been doing and now we own three businesses in the neighborhood and thank you very much for you support. >> so the lesson here is if you want good food, come to dog patch and if you want to fall in love, come to dog patch.
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>> tracy, i think i see you right there. come on up. what makes tracy so special is she's not only a very dedicatesmall
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business owner, but also a dedicated [inaudible] she creates [inaudible] helping people heal in our communities for the past 15 years tracy ran healing environments which is dedicated to healing suffering which is dedicated to art healing and stuffering. when they're closing she dedicates her time to [inaudible] residential care for men and women in need of /hos /pes and 24 hour care. she received the jefferson award in 2008. we've gotten to know each other, she recently stepped up to become president of sacramento street, which